JKPS is a wireless paging company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in unique Wireless Nurse Calling,Waterproof Panic Buttons For Elderly,Restaurant Buzzers,Kitchen to Waiter and Personal GPS Trackers which can be used for the Elderly.


JKPS systems ensures better communication in any organisation whereby there is interaction between staff, customers and  managers by increasing response times, increasing staff productivity and also increasing profit margins by giving customers on demand service. 


Our systems can be utilized in the following industries: Gyms, Restaurants, Hospitals, Warehouses, Retirement Homes and Villages, Frail Care, Casinos, Construction sites, Hotels, Supermarkets and in any other industry that requires interaction with managers, staff and customers.

We have serviced clients throughout South Africa and Africa with fully preprogrammed systems which simply just plugs and play. Our systems are cost effective, requires little to no installation and is user friendly. 

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