Restaurant Wireless Calling Systems

Transmitters / Call Buttons / Buzzers

JK-GS3 Menu Holder with Call Bill Cancel

JK-03 Waterproof Call bill Cancel

JK-F2 Waterproof Call  Cancel Button

Transmitters (Call Buttons / Buzzers) are fully wireless and are used to call or notify Waiter Staff for additional food / beverages / bill. They have a 200m-300m range to Receivers, which can be extended by our Signal Repeaters (Signal Boosters). Most buzzers are waterproof, so spilling of drinks will not affect the buzzers.

We have various colours of Buzzers, please contact us for colour variations.


Buzzers can be placed on tables and or menu holders for advertisements and promotions.



JK-650 Wrist Watch Pager 

JK-200CT LCD Monitor - 3  Digit Display

JK-2000A LCD Monitor - Voice Prompt

Receivers (Buzzers) are used for waiter staff to receive the calling information as to which customer requires assistance (Food / Beverages / Bill). There are various types of Receivers.


There are 2 types of Wrist Watch Pagers (Buzzers), We have one that has retractable straps and can be hung around the neck by staff members. The other Wrist Pager does not have retractable straps but displays up to 3 calls on the screen at once. 

Both Wrist Watch Pagers (Buzzers) have a strong vibrating alert and tone alert. They both come with a charger and once fully charged, they can last up to a full shift.


LCD Monitors are used for waiter staff which displays calling information (Symbols). We have 2 and 3 digit display Monitors, and also letter & number display Monitors. They have various alert tones built in them to choose from.





Kitchen To Waiter Systems / Customer Buzzers /Coaster Pager System

Kitchen To Waiter - Used for kitchen staff to notify a specific waiter to collect order when ready. To ensure that customers always receive their food hot, fresh and giving waiters more time on the floor with their customers. 


Guest Paging - Pagers / Buzzers are given to patrons after they have placed their orders, for staff to notify them that their order is ready. This systems ensures that your counters are always clear and prevents the shouting out of order numbers which are sometimes not heard by customers. 


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