Wireless Nurse Calling System / Bell System / Waterproof Panic Button

Wireless Panic Button / Bell .

JK-01 Wireless waterproof panic button

Wireless panic buttons has a range of 200-300 m open area. They can be wearable around the resident/patients neck via a lanyard or wall mount next to the bedside/toilets/showers as it is waterproof.It works with 12v battery which can last up to 1 year.

JK-01-C Wireless waterproof cancel button

Wireless cancel buttons has a range of 200-300 m open area.it requires wall mount installation next to bedsides or entry of door in a room for the nurse to cancel once resident or patient is attended too.It works with a 12V battery which can last up 1 year.

JK-02 Wireless waterproof cord call/cancel button

Wireless Wall Mount Cord Call/Cancel Button has a range of up to 300m open area.It requires a wall mount installation and has 2 ways to call via the panel or the button on the cord.It has a 12v battery which can last up to 1 year.  

LED Receivers/Wrist Watch Pagers

JK-650 Wrist Watch Pager / Receiver

Our Wireless Wrist Watch Pagers are worn by the nursing staff or matron and allows immediate response times to a resident and is a replacement for a corridor light.the wrist watch pager can show where help is needed while the staff are doing their rounds and works during load shedding.

JK-2000CT Wireless LCD Receiver

LCD receivers can be wall mounted or desktop mount in the duty room and will show where help is needed and can also show which specific bed in the room needs help. There are many types of LCD receivers which can also show letters and numbers. e.g. ROOM 1 - BED 2/ BED 1 ROOM 2     LCD receivers also has a cancel function and volume adjustment.Our screens are voice prompt which makes it easier to hear the number being called when help is needed.

JK-3L Wireless LED Corridor Light Receiver 

LED light receivers can be wall mounted at the door entry or passage and will beep and light up once panic button is pressed and will clear when cancel button is pressed.

Additional Products

JK-08 Signal Repeater (Booster)

JK-08 Signal Repeater (Booster) is used to extend the transmitting distance of all Transmitters to 1000m open area. The Booster has a built in (Back-up Battery) to ensure full function of your system when load shedding takes place. 



Wireless Nurse Calling At Home

You can now have the peace the of mind having your parents or an elderly person living with you at home by carrying a wrist pager and the panic button to be worn by the elderly person and they can call for help from anywhere in the house or even if they live separate on the property. 



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