Wireless Calling For More Industries


Call buttons and LED light sirens can be placed around the workers and in the event of someone getting injured or if something goes wrong the workers can press the panic button and alert all staff to evacuate immediately. 

Mining Industry


Call buttons can be placed next to the slot machine and the gambler can press for assistance or call a waiter for food and beverages.etc. 


Call buttons can be placed around the gym and the trainee can call for help at anytime and anywhere to notify the trainer help is needed. The trainer will receive the notification via wrist pager and know exactly which area needs assistance.


Call buttons can be placed next to each worker or zones around the floor and a staff member can press for assistance and the floor manager will be notified via wrist pager,  LCD screen or corridor light.


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  • Hospitals

  • Supermarkets

  • Hotels

  • Gyms

  • Factory

  • Warehouse

  • Retirements

  • Construction sites

  • Restaurants

  • Spa

  • Corporate

  • Many More!!!